June 24, 2024

Vegas Three Card Rummy – it’s fast, exciting, fun, easy and potentially profitable!

The classic rummy card game has finally been turned into a fast-paced, easy to learn and potentially big-payout online casino game!

It’s you versus the dealer and you’re aiming to go low! Why? Because, when playing Vegas Three Card Rummy, low scores are the best scores. Make sure you opt into the bonus bet because if get that low score and beat the dealer you can enjoy pay-outs as high as $100,000! Minimum bets start from as little as 10 cents with maximum bets up to $1,000 if you fancy rolling higher.

Pairs, triples and two-card suited are scored as zero in Vegas Three Card Rummy, which leads to a small score and a most likely chance of a decent payout. In order for the dealer to qualify he would need to score 20 or less. If the dealer does not qualify the player wins even money on the ante and the raise is returned.

The optimal strategy for playing Vegas Three Card Rummy

…..is to mimick the dealer and raise with 20 or fewer points and fold with more than 20 points. If you follow this rule then the house edge is only 1.96%.

Vegas Three Card Rummy is proving to be a popular choice for casino players .

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